Art Club 2000 was founded in 1992 as a collaboration between 7 art school students and art dealer Colin de Land. Art Club made work based on the dual notions of institutional critique and simultaneously getting famous.

Recently included in:

NYC 1993: Experimental Jet Set, Trash and No Star

New Museum
February 13, 2013 to May 26, 2013

Press Release (PDF)
Art Club 2000, Untitled (Times Square/Gap Grunge I), 8x10” C-print, 1992-93
Art Club 2000
Untitled (Wooster Street) 8x10” C-print, 1992-93; Untitled (Limbo Café/Loved to Death) 8x10” C-print, 1992-93; Untitled (Art in America Library I) 20x24” C-print, 1992-93
Untitled (Industria Superstudios I) 8x10” C-print, 1992-93; Untitled (Donut Shop II) 8x10” C-print, 1992-93; Untitled (Paramount Hotel/Nude II), 8x10” C-print, 1992-93
Art Club 2000, Installation View
Art Club 2000, Untitled (Individuals of Style Portrait Studio with Colin de Land), 11x14” Unique Digital Print, 1993